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Dr. Annegret Wiese

Lawyer • Certified Psychologist • Mediator

Lawyer Dr. Annegret Wiese, Munich, specialist in family law, Mediator, Psychologist

As a specialist in family law and a certified psychologist, I offer competent legal counselling as well as psychological support for family-related topics at my law office in Schwabing, Munich. In light of the COVID-19 situation, remote consultations are possible via video conference or phone. Contact us to book an appointment here.

Every third marriage in Germany ends in divorce. But no matter how common it has become, divorce is an exceptional circumstance for you. Every separation entails emotional, financial, and bureaucratic hardship, as well as the fear of loss. As the parting between you and your partner becomes a reality, separation from your children is imminent. Your future livelihood is in question. It is never easy and the toll can be hard to bear. It is a complex situation that requires legal guidance and psychological support. You don’t have to face the uncertainty of your marriage problems alone. With my multiple qualifications as a specialist in family law, psychologist, and therapist, I am able to understand the situation you are coping with from various angles. When it comes to family issues, there is often a confluence in psychology and the law. As certified specialist in family law and trained psychologist, I can help you navigate through this difficult chapter of your life. Using my experience as a psychologist, I will provide insight for your situation and help you get your life back on track. My book “ „Die Scheidung, ein juristischer und psychologischer Ratgeber“ (Divorce: Legal and Psychological Advice), provides specialised legal and psychological advice in the case of divorce, published in Humboldt Verlag Hannover 1994 and 2009.

You don’t always have to resort to a lawsuit. There are many ways in which I can help you prevent and manage marital issues. A marriage contract is a far-sighted solution that can facilitate matrimonial life and makes it easier to settle possible disputes. In case something threatens to upset your relationship, a marriage or cohabitation agreement can help to clarify provisions and avoid many difficulties later. This contract can be between spouses who already married or people who are intending to marry, so it is an option that even functioning married couples can consider. The type of contract is chosen depending on the couple’s initial situation, the property they intend to acquire, and their career needs. Here, I can assist you with choosing the right contract, counselling on financial maintenance, and drafting provisions for the division of property and marital assets in the case of separation or divorce, as well as potential changes in your life. Mediation is another effective and less confrontational method of dealing with conflicts in family law, such as spousal support, division of assets, and child custody. Often, it saves time and money. As a mediator with decades of experience, I can help you take charge of your own situation and develop a solution that will keep you on speaking terms with the other party.

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The family law issues I can assist you with include:

  • • Child custody: Parental right to make decisions regarding a child’s upbringing, physical custody, where the child will live, how much contact you have with your children, children born out of wedlock
  • • Child support: Financial support for your children after separation
  • • Spousal support: Alimony – temporary or permanent – including accrued pension rights, pension, life insurance
  • • Liquidation and division of assets and property

Often, family-related issues can concern other areas of law. I can assist you further with:

  • • Inheritance law: Legal and matrimonial rights to an inheritance
  • • Labour law: Special regulations regarding employer-employee relationships between spouses
  • • Tax law: Division of tax refund claims between spouses
  • • • Criminal law: If you or a loved one have been arrested or charged with an offence

You may want to see a family lawyer for other reasons than separation. I can help you with:

  • • Adoption
  • • Conflicts between parents and children
  • • Contesting paternity
  • • Non-matrimonial civil unions
  • • Liability to provide support for single, unmarried mothers
  • • Criminal defence
Franz Kochseder

Mediation is a sensible means of settling a dispute amicably, allowing you to stay on good terms with the other party.

Nobody understands the conflict better than you, so why should you stand aside when developing a solution? Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that provides a third party to facilitate an agreement and is often the best way to develop a commonly accepted solution. Mediation is a voluntary proceeding outside of court that can be used to settle conflicts within family law, business law, heritance law, and labour law. When it comes to these areas, a far-sighted solution is often necessary. Successful mediation puts an emphasis on co-operation rather than confrontation, and takes less time than moving a case through standard legal channels. Often, it saves you time and money. Unlike with court proceedings, mediation allows conflicting parties to determine the course and outcome by themselves, increasing the control you have over a situation. In a successful mediation, everybody wins. You will gain the confidence to solve future conflicts without involving external assistance. Using my interdisciplinary expertise as a lawyer and psychologist, I can assist you in negotiating a settlement and bring you back on to good terms with the other party. Together, we can develop a solution that best suits your needs.

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A mediation consists of three phases. First, all parties sit together and are informed about the structure of the proceeding. Each party gets time to explain his or her personal point of view of the conflict while the others listen. Everyone gets the opportunity to clarify his or her interests before embarking on a possible solution together. When a suitable arrangement is found, it is ideally fixed with a mediation contract that is fully enforceable in a court of law. In general, any conflict is suitable to be solved through mediation as long as the conflicting parties are willing to consent to this procedure. On July 26th, 2012 the German mediation law (MediationsG) came into force. It is the first codification of mediation and related provisions in German law. The law sets an established standard in dispute resolution and underlines the relevance of this practice.

Mediation is especially relevant in the following areas of law:

Family law

  • • Mediation in case of separation
  • • Mediation in case of divorce
  • • Mediation related to child custody
  • • Mediation to settle spousal support
  • • Mediation to settle division of property

Inheritance law

  • • Mediation amidst siblings
  • • Mediation amidst community of heirs
  • • Mediation in case of children born out of wedlock

Mediation is also beneficial in reaching agreements in business law and in labour law.

Franz Kochseder

A crime often reflects exceptional emotional circumstances.

When people are unable to name an existential conflict, when certain tensions have been suppressed for too long, when all other options appear implausible, a crime is committed because it appears to be the only way out. After the deed, it is often too difficult for one to even put the event into words. My task as the defender is to cast light on the background behind the act and to use this to the defendant’s advantage in court. Psychological understanding is extremely important in this process. I use my expertise in psychology to unveil the essential and underlying elements leading up to the act. If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a crime, my qualification as a psychologist allows me to defend your case persuasively and with good judgment. I place particular emphasis on preparing for the main court hearing, as this is where the course for the final verdict is set. In several conversations with you, I clarify the exact sequence of events and the manifold motivations behind the act. My PhD dissertation on criminal law dives into the confluence of psychology, crime, and the law in the case of mothers who kill their children („Mütter, die töten“) A solid academic background and decades of practical experience put me in the unique position to defend you.


Inheritance disputes often reflect family conflicts that date back to childhood.

Disputes over an inheritance have the potential to tear an entire family apart, but they rarely happen out of the blue. Such conflicts usually stem from tensions within the family that go back a long way. The feeling of not having received equal favour in the family when one is younger often surges back when it comes to dealing with an inheritance. Good legal counselling takes this emotional aspect into account. In my experience, a solution is only possible when the conflict stemming from childhood days has been identified and discussed. As long as the fundamental problem remains unaddressed, disputes over an inheritance can go on for years.

Many steps are possible in inheritance law that can help you avoid creating and prolonging conflicts. Filing a lawsuit in such circumstances can create permanent tensions that will divide the entire family. For this reason, out-of-court settlements are especially advisable. It is sensible to prepare a will and consider financial donations during lifetime as this can prevent later disputes amongst heirs. However, hastily prepared provisions run the risk of being legally void. Therefore, it is advisable to seek inheritance counselling, which is aimed to identify the essential interest of the devisor; to this end, psychological understanding is helpful. Here, my qualification as a psychologist, family therapist, and mediator allows me to assist you in achieving emotional closure as well as an equitable outcome.